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About Amppulse Electricals

Amppulse Electricals India Pvt Ltd., was started with the vision to create an admirable company focusing on Manufacturing and providing total lighting solutions in specialised lighting,electrical manufacturing services and 3D design solution as per International Standards. We are here to build an enterprise that is more than a business.

Amppulse Electricals is known for its Excellent Team Work, Respect for People, Professional Work Ethics with Excellent Knowledge in EMS.


Our Vision

Brand Amppulse Electricals committed to serve and add value to the specialized lighting and give the best experience to our respected customers in this new era of smart lighting. We manufacture our products and provide solutions with a personal touch. A bunch of experienced professionals moving forward completely by focusing on Lighting excellence with customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Our skilled and talented Research and Development Team is always ahead of time to give customers innovative products.

We are here to win the hearts of people by sincerely and honestly supporting each other. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information:

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